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2021 Digital Reading Journal | Whispering Chapters

There's something I've always wanted to have, but didn't really find something I liked. I thought about creating it last year, but I really thought I didn't have the creativity or capacity to create it. Then 2021 arrived and the need to create something like this grew even bigger! 

I officially present to you the 

Shop the 2021 Digital Reading Journal!

2021 digital reading journal
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I'm still blown away by this product. I've been using it since I created it and it's exactly what I needed in my life. 

One thing I wanted to bring into this journal was to not overwhelm it with many designs. I wanted to leave space in the journal for people to customize it with digital stickers that can be found for free anywhere in the internet (especially PicsArt). A page I customized to show you was December 2020 monthly wrap up (see below):

2021 digital reading journal for book lovers
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This entire journal has hyperlinks to help make your navigation through the journal run smoothly. The tabs are clickable, as well as the weeks in the monthly calendar.

In the monthly calendar (below), the arrows next to each week will take you to the weekly spread

In the notes section of each monthly calendar, you'll see "reviews", "wrap-up", "quotes", "wish list", "to read". All of these are clickable and will take you to the month it corresponds. 

monthly spread calendar digital reading journal
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I'm someone who always forgets when books are releasing. I just can't memorize dates like that, which is why the wish list will help in keeping track of those books we so desperately are anticipating.

There's also a to read (TBR) list of the books you'd like to get to this month. For book reviewers, you can use this to write all the books you need to read and review for the month.

wish list to read tbr reading journal
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You can keep track of your weekly reading in the weekly spread. I personally like to write the titles and the pages or percentage of how much I read of a book per day. You can also add book covers since there is space to fit it.

The reading list serves as a way to track the books you'd like to read during the week. Let's face it. A lot of us are mood readers, but we also have books we would like to read during the week. It can also serve as writing all the books you read during the week.

When you're done with the week, you can write the total of pages you read on the right side of the week, under reading list.

weekly reading spread reading journal
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The "reviews" page is one you can duplicate so that you can write as many reviews as you want in the journal. (The image doesn't show this, but the rating area has 5 stars for you to fill in.)

book reviews digital reading journal
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I love looking back at a month and seeing the progress made in it when it comes to my reading. This is where the monthly wrap-up and quotes page comes in! In this page, you can write the number of books and pages you read, the genres you read, favorite characters of the month! You can also include book covers of the diverse books you read through the month, and your favorite books!

The quotes page is where you get to write your favorite quotes of the month. As mentioned above, you can customize this page as much as you want! 

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At the end of the year, you can look back at your reading progress and write about it on the yearly wrap-up page! In this page, you mention the total of books and pages read, and how many of them were e-books, audiobooks, physical books. You get to also check what was your most read genre and what was your most diverse, as well. You can write down the list of your top favorites of the year! 

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I provided notepaper pages (blank, dotted, grid, lined) so that you can duplicate them, add them to wherever you want in your journal and treat it as a bullet journal, but digital!

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I'm really proud of this journal and thankful to God for giving me the strength to create it. I hope you guys like what I've created! I hope to continue making digital stickers and products like this one. If you have any suggestions, feel free to send them my way!