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Whisper Reviews (3) | A Duke, An Earl, An Heiress

I read these three historical romances this year and I cannot stop thinking about them! First, we have a friends-to-nothing-to-partners-to-lovers with a fake-engagement thrown into the mix. Then, a slow-burn romance. Lastly, a second-chance enemies-to-lovers romance! NOTHING COMPARES TO THE …

Whisper Reviews (2) | Hate-to-Love, YA Gay Romance, Historical Romance

Whisper Reviews is going to be a feature in the blog where I showcase books I needed to review eons ago (not that long, but kind of) and write a short review for each book. Below, I have a lovers-to-enemies-to-lovers rom-com between an engaged couple; a gay teen who met his dream guy, only for him to not be o…