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Sweet & Swoony: Heartland by Sarina Bowen

A sweet and swoony addition to this amazing series!

by Sarina Bowen

Series: True North #7
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Publication Date: January 28th 2020 by Tuxbury Publishing LLC
Format: eARC
Source: Publicist

Rating: ★★★★
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An emotional friends to lovers romance full of risky secrets and late-night lessons in seduction.

Dylan is my best friend, and the only person in my life who understands me. He doesn’t mind my social awkwardness or my weird history. The only glitch? He doesn’t know that I’ve been hopelessly, desperately in love with him since the first day we picked apples together in his family’s orchard.

But I know better than to confess.

Now that we’re both in college together, I’m seeing a new side of him. College Dylan drinks and has a lot of sex. None of it with me.

Until the night I foolishly ask him to tutor me in more than algebra…and he actually says yes.

But the cool morning light shows me how badly I’ve endangered our friendship. And I don’t know if anything will be the same again.
True North series will always be one of my favorites! I love the Shipley family so much. At this point, every time a new book comes out, it's like coming home.

Let's face it, this is how I'll always see Dylan--at a distance greater than I wish for.

We were introduced to Chastity in Keepsake as the girl who had kissed a boy and got punished for it. Because of this, no man in the compound wanted her. Thankfully, she was able to escape and made her way to Isaac and Leah's farm, neighbors to the Shipley family.

This is where she meets Dylan, who later becomes her best friend. What Dylan doesn't know is that Chastity likes him and it pains her to know the Dylan at college (very different to the Dylan at home). This college Dylan is all about the partying, girls, weed, booze, etc. And unfortunately, he sees her as a little girl who needs protecting from the world.

This friends-to-lovers story was so sweet! Being able to see Chastity slowly develop throughout the story was endearing. I loved that she came out of her shell and befriended quite a few people. I loved her determination to keep moving forward with her college classes, especially math.

Dylan was so oblivious when it came Chastity. Honestly, it was almost right there under his nose and he wouldn't pick it up. I wanted to kill him for his choice in the girl he was dating, because he could see how badly she treated Chastity and he still dated her. He needed a good smacking up the head.

I've always wanted Dylan. Always. I still want him, only now he knows about it.

Dylan was a character that despite his flaws, I loved. His devotion to his family is wonderful and his devotion to his goats is silly, but so cute and adorable!

Even though we know Chastity and Dylan are friends, I loved how the author introduced even more of their friendship to the story. We weren't just told they were friends, we were shown, and it was probably one of my favorite things of the story.

They decided to start a business together making caramel candy, and it's through this that they grow even closer together. Their friendship and business hit a bump, a very hot and sexy bump, but the way they resolved things was great. I do wish the ending hadn't been so rushed, or at least that's how it felt like to me.

In my heart I've always been a rebel. It's just that my infrequent attempts to stir things up usually end in disaster.

The romance between Dylan and Chastity flowed smoothly, which I was grateful for. It's during this that we see how much Dylan truly cares for Chastity, how loving and caring he is towards her.

Kissing her makes me feel wild. 

Overall, Heartland is a very sweet and swoony romance and a great addition to this amazing series!

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