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Betwitching Rom-Com: Gilded Lily by Staci Hart

A wonderful addition to the reverse-role retelling of Jane Austen's Bennet sisters! 

by Staci Hart
Series: The Bennet Brothers #2

Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Publication Date: December 3rd 2019 by Self-Published
Format: eARC
Source: Publicist

Rating: ★★★★½
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They say there’s no such thing as perfect.

But I’ve built my life to perfection—the perfect boyfriend, the perfect apartment, the perfect career planning celebrity weddings. My job—my only job—is to make sure every event is absolutely and completely perfect.

What’s not perfect? Kash Bennet.

And I wish I didn’t find that so appealing.

I could have told you every perfectly imperfect thing about the gardener at Longbourne. Like his hair, lush and black and far too long. Or his nose, the flat bridge of a Greek god, bent a little like it’s been broken. Or his size. Beastly. Roped and corded with muscles, gleaming with sweat and peppered with dirt. There’s no escaping him, not if I’m going to use his family’s flower shop for my events.

But nothing is what it seems. And in the span of a heartbeat, my perfect life is turned inside out. They say the best way to get over somebody is to get under somebody new. When Kash offers his services to the cause, it sounds like the perfect plan.

What’s not part of the plan? Falling in love with the gardener.

But they were right—there’s no such thing as perfect.

And I’m the fool who finds out the hard way.
I adored Coming Up Roses and Tess and Luke so much! I didn't think I would love a couple more from this series until Kash and Lila came in the picture!

"She reminds me of you. Her hair. The curve of her nose. The gilded lily--beautiful and perfect without any adornment but adorned all the same. Almost to frivolity."

I said this for Coming Up Roses, but I have to say it again. Staci Hart's writing keeps blowing me away with her writing. She keeps exceeding my expectations over and over. Her prose was poetic, graceful, bewitching. She keeps outdoing herself and I just have to keep praising her! She deserves a whole lot more attention than she has.

I've had my eye on Kash since the first novel and was excited when I found out this was his novel! He is an enigmatic man who caught my attention immediately. It broke my heart to read how he views himself, which is so low. To him, he'll always be the person girls just sleep with to have fun, but not to marry and start a family with. I just wanted to hug him so tight and never let go.

For the first time in my life, I wished I was something else. Something more. Ambitious and successful and rich. Powerful. I wished I was the kind of man Lila wouldn't just f*ck. I wished I was the kind of man she'd keep.

I loved Lila and her ambition. She's a wedding planner and she hopes to one day have a high position in the company she works at, or better yet, own her own business. I loved how she kept her cool among extremely irritating and tough clients. I would've done something to those clients, let me tell you.

I loved all the hate between Kash and Lila. The tension could be cut with a knife! The chemistry between these two was electric! But at the same time, when it came to the emotional aspect, they complimented each other so well. They each brought out the best in one another and motivated each other to keep moving forward in their business. You really can't help but fall in love with them and the love they have for each other. I know I did!

One person who shined a lot for me was Lila's sister, Ivy. She is SUPER hilarious! Her insults are the best I've ever read! My favorite one has to be, "Dumbassador." I already introduced this word in my every day talk so Staci, kudos to you for doing this. And the list has more! You guys need to read this book and find out and get more inspo on insulting people, especially those who break your heart!

Overall, Gilded Lily is a fantastic enemies-to-lovers rom-com that will surely leave you wanting to stay bewitched for life, as long as you can keep reading the words that Staci Hart has created.

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