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Steamy + Sweet: Insatiable by Melanie Harlow

Get ready for some swoon and some steam in this friends-to-lovers romance!

by Melanie Harlow
Series: Cloverleigh Farms #3

Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Publication Date:
November 11th 2019 by Self-Published
Format: eARC
Source: Publicist

Rating: ★★★★
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I didn’t mean to see him naked--it was an accident.

It had to be, right?

Because Noah McCormick and I have never been anything more than friends. In all the years I’ve known him, he’s never once laid a finger on me. And even though he was a cute lifeguard at 16 and a hotter-than-hell sheriff’s deputy at 34, he's always been that protective guy I could trust to keep his hands to himself. I never wanted to mess with that.

Until I walked in on him getting out of the shower and saw his hard, muscular body totally bare and dripping wet. At that moment I never wanted to mess with anything so badly in my entire life.

I should have covered my eyes. Said I was sorry. At the very least, I could have handed him a towel.

After all, I was only in town for a few days, and he was just doing me a favor by escorting me to my sister’s wedding. It wasn’t a real date.

But I didn’t apologize. And he didn’t cover up.

(Talk about a hot mess.)

After all those years of being just friends, suddenly we’re insatiable.

He’s made it clear he’s not interested in romance. Which is fine with me because I’ve got a plane ticket back to my real life at the end of the week.

It’s all in fun...or is it?
Insatiable features an independent woman, a sexy cop who had me drooling, and the friends-to-lovers trope! I was ready to dive into this as soon as it arrived on my kindle.

This third installment has to be my favorite of the series so far. We get to see even more of the Sawyer family, especially the Sawyer sisters bonding, which I thought was a fantastic addition.

He loved me, but not enough.

Meg was set for life. She was an attorney in a big city, which is the career she's always loved, and in a relationship she's been in for over three years. Nothing should go wrong, except it does. Her boyfriend dumps her for always putting her job first. The ex even tells her she never makes time for herself. She takes that to heart and instead of going to her sister's wedding for the weekend, she decides to head over to Cloverleigh Farms a whole lot earlier.

It is where she reunites with Noah, a sexy cop with a heart of gold. Because of his job, he also understands that importance of said job, plus being busy with family obligations. He's dead set on not dating until Meg arrives and stirs up these feelings inside of him that he had long suppressed.

"I don't want it [relationship]," ... I'd told the lie a thousand times, so often that it had become my truth, but it had never put such an ache in my chest.

The friendship between Meg and Noah was wonderful. These two together gave me all the feels and they weren't even dating! It all felt so natural. Plus, I totally loved every time Noah would boost Meg's confidence in finding a new guy. He really thought highly of her and who wouldn't want that in a friend turned lover?

The steam in this book is 🔥 I had to fan myself a few times. There's this one scene that had me re-reading it a few times because hot damn. Can I get that with a side of the sexy cop, please? Melanie Harlow brought it ON! Just read below.

He pressed close behind me and spoke low in my ear. His voice was deep and commanding. "You have the right to remain silent. Anything on my body can and will be used against."

As I mentioned above, something that I loved was all the bonding the Sawyer sisters got in this novel. It has to be one of my favorite things about this story. The one sister I wasn't expecting to get much of was Sylvia, but I'm so happy Melanie finally brought her into the story and shed light on her life! I'm hoping, if there's another book, that it features Sylvia because she deserves her HEA after everything she's gone through.

Overall, Insatiable is a super steamy and sexy, yet sweet and swoony friends-to-lovers romance that I recommend to all lovers of this trope!

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