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Giggly & Swoony: Moonlighter by Sarina Bowen

by Sarina Bowen
Series: The Company #1

Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Publication Date:
August 22nd 2019 by Self-Published
Format: eARC
Source: Publicist

Rating: ★★★★
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Only in my family could a professional hockey player earning seven million dollars a year be considered a slacker.

I’m at the height of my athletic career. Yet my arrogant brother is always trying to recruit me into the family business: a global security company so secretive that I don’t even know its name.

Pass, thanks. I don’t need a summer job.

But the jerk ambushes me with a damsel in distress. That damsel is Alex, the competitive, sassy girl I knew when we were kids. Now she’s a drop-dead gorgeous woman in deep trouble.

So guess who’s on a flight to Hawaii?

It’s going to be a long week in paradise. My job is keeping Alex safe, while her job is torturing me with her tiny bikinis. Or maybe we’re torturing each other. It’s all snark and flirting until the threat against Alex gets serious. And this jock must become her major league protector.

Moonlighter is a stand-alone novel. No cliffhangers, no prior experience necessary. Contains: hackers, hockey players, and a hotel room with only one bed.
Sarina delivered more than what I was expecting. She nailed the grump hockey player, the smart and independent woman, and a whole company read to take down whoever is terrorizing said woman. It was hot, it had action-packed scenes, it was fun, giggly, swoon-worthy, it got my adrenaline going and my heart racing!

It's the most successful company you've never heard of.

Alex, a childhood friend of Eric's, needs protection, and who better to be the bodyguard and fit the boyfriend role than Eric Bayer. He does not want this at all, but he doesn't have much of a choice. Off they go to Hawaii where there's only one bed in their room to share and tensions are running high!

"She definitely notices when my flag is hoisted. I mean, it's hard to hide this kickstand when the bike is in gear."

Eric was ever the gentleman with Alex. He treated her like a queen. All the food he gave her, like yes! Food is the way to my heart! The attention, the care, the admiration he had for her was palpable and shining through every page.

No man has ever overwhelmed me like Hurricane Eric. That was a Category 5 experience.

Alex is the independent woman I was looking forward to reading. She's strong, knows what she wants, has worked hard to become the CEO of a company, knows the technology world like she knows how to breathe. She stands up for herself and leaves men jaw-slacked in her wake. She's full of the snark that I was here for!

"Alexandra," the twit says as he approaches. "Long time no see." 

"That was intentional," she says, taking a sip of her drink.

The chemistry is absolutely there. And the maturity these characters exerted was refreshing. My problem with this novel was that I was expecting suspense, which was there, but not enough. And we were kind of left hanging in the resolve of the story. I'm seriously hoping the author continues this part of the story in another book because we can't be left like this.

Overall, Moonlighter was a beautiful and fun start to the spin-off of the spin-off. You see characters from the other series, which I thought was great. I can't wait to read more from this series! I need a book for Max and Scout! I felt something there and I'm not letting it go!

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