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Books Out of My Comfort Zone | Top Ten Tuesday

These books were completely out of my comfort zone, but get this, I actually enjoyed them! Some of them, I even loved them! To distringuish between the ones I loved and the ones I simply enjoyed or liked, I'll be adding a heart emoji (❤️) to the ones I loved!

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🌻 Control Freak: A man who's seeking more control and a woman who needs someone to take control and shut up her demons. This truly was a lovely story. It was different and enlightening in more ways than one. This novel features an Eating Disorder and how having someone in control can help shut down that nasty voice. But also shows how you can never truly be healed until you do it for yourself, and not someone else doing it for you, which is why I think this shined even more for me. (Review)

❤️🌻 Desperate Measures: A new take on Aladdin, where the villain is the "good" guy. This was HOT!!! First time I read something like this that left me completely breathless! I blame Nick for opening this Pandora's box because this book was what started my journey on reading books out of my comfort zone. (Review)

❤️🌻 A Lesson in Thorns: Six friends coming together to untangle years worth of secrets and rituals. I have no words except for enticing, enthralling, peculiar, kinky in the best way possible, dark, erotic in such a unique and loving way.

🌻 The ProtΓ©gΓ©: An artist who confessed wanting her mentor turned out to be the piece for their fall out. I have to say that this story surprised me in a good way. It was kind of weird how Laszlo was Isabeau's mentor since she was 8 who then ended up having a thing for her. But in the end, Hale made it work. It's a story of forgiveness and healing.

🌻 One Night in a Storm: A girl who is traumatized by water gets stuck in a flooded library with a boy who helps calm her fears by using rope. This story was so enlightening and good! I honestly wanted so much more! 

The following were books that I rated 2.5 - 3 stars (not counting Watch Me, which got 3.5 stars). The reason they got those ratings is because, while I did enjoy them, they didn't wow me or make me love them. They simply were entertaining and quick reads.


🌻 Share Me: A girl needing protection from a threat that's closer to home than anyone thinks, plus 4 bodyguards who are noticing she's not the little girl they used to know. I have no idea how all this sharing works if it were to happen in real life. I remember reading this with my eyes and jaw wide open 😳 Did I still thoroughly enjoyed it? Yes, I totally did.

🌻 Choke Me: A grieving woman wanting revenge against a man who killed her friend. I really didn't know what to think while reading this, but it did enlightened a few things for me so that's good. 

🌻 Daddy Me: A singer who's ready to follow her dreams and a man who's addicted and enthralled by the singer and wants to make her dreams come true. I knew Ronan was going to be a force to be reckoned with and it showed. I was glad that Sofina was the sweet to Ronan's sour. While the age-gap hit me hard (it never does in other books), I still enjoyed it.

🌻 Watch Me: An erotic dancer who still can't forget that sorrowful break up, and the one who left who loves to watch, not knowing he's the one that caused her grief. Out of all of these 4 books, this story was my favorite and I wished it had been longer!

Have you read any of these? What are some of your out-of-my-comfort-zone reads?

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