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Monthly Rewind ~ July 2019

Welcome to my monthly wrap up for July!

Life Highlights

I turned the quarter (25) on July 13th! I had a wonderful time, going to the park to ride bicycle with the hubby, going out to eat and then to a book store! I also got some movies from it!

I took my trip to Puerto Rico to spend time with family and vacation! Still here, by the way, and hoping to stay! I've gone to the beach, seen movies with the family, went bowling, hung out with friends! It's been so much fun!

Puerto Ricans united in a way that we were heard and the governor resigned!II'm so proud of my island ❤️

Month In Reading

I read a total of 16 books, guys! What even?! Some of them were short stories, but still! Freaking 16! *dances and throws confetti* I'm such a happy potato, guys!

  • Good Guy  ★★★★
  • Filthy Vows  ★★★
  • Choke Me  ★★★
  • Daddy Me  ★★★
  • One Night in a Storm  ★★★
  • Coming Up Roses  ★★★★
  • Senior Year Bucket List  ★★★½
  • Watch Me  ★★★★

Let me know how was your month below! 

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