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Adventure & Love: Senior Year Bucket List by J.M. Miller

A sweet story that will take you on a wonderful adventure! And will definitely make you want to have your own bucket list!

by J.M. Miller
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Publication Date: July 29th 2019 by Self-Published
Format: eARC
Source: Author

Rating: ★★★½
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Caleb Samuels. Smug. Irritating. Pain in the …

After high school, I was content with the idea of never seeing him again.

But as his sister Merilyn’s best friend, it was bound to happen eventually. I just didn’t expect it to be at her wake, where, following a foolish, naive, and completely ridiculous incident, I’m prepared to return to my perfectly routine life and wash my hands of him forever. Again.

Unfortunately, Merilyn had other plans.

Even though she traveled the world, her final request is for Caleb and me to recreate our senior year bucket list and take her ashes along for one last adventure.

All the foolish, naive, and—you guessed it—completely ridiculous memories return in an instant.

He tormented me, teased me, kissed me like no one ever had, made me fall for him, and broke me like no one else ever would.

Reliving it all might end with a crash worse than the first.

Or maybe not.

Maybe the fall would never end.
Senior Year Bucket List was a really cute read. It deals with loss, second-chance and an adventure that made me want to go on one of my own.

In high school, Mer and Celia created their own bucket list. Mer was always the adventurous one, whereas Celia was more guarded and careful. Off they went to start checking off the items on the list.

After high school, Mer went on to live an adventurous life for the world to see. When she died, it came as a shock to everyone, especially Celia and Caleb. The producers from Mer's videos contacted Caleb to see if he would be willing to continue on with the list and check some items off, while at the same time, giving closure to Mer's followers. And Caleb asks Celia to follow along.

This story was so sweet. It was so lovely to see Celia open up and doing the list with Caleb. Going on this journey helped her to be less guarded and enjoy life!

I was so loving the best-friend's-brother trope! In this case, Caleb is younger by a year, I believe. I loved reading the flashbacks and how Caleb acted like the annoying little brother who had a crush on his sister's best friend. It was so entertaining! And once Caleb reconnected with Celia, he treated her like a freaking queen! I was swooning over him 😍 

I craved more of her and the calmness she seemed to bring me from being close, like nothing else mattered.

Reading about how Caleb always had a thing for Celia, and how things went on with him, had my heart a little sad. They deserved happiness together! They never should have gone their separate ways!

Like I said above, this book had me wanting to to have my own bucket list! I wish I had thought of doing something like this in high school or college and doing it with friends! It would have been so much fun!

Overall, I recommend this book if you're looking for a quick read that, while it deals with loss, it does it in a way that has you feeling all the warm fuzzies. It's all about reminiscing and it teaches you how you should always live life to the fullest!

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