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Beautiful Accidental Marriage: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not by Iris Morland

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not lacked Morland's magic touch from the first book in this standalone series. Yet it was still a wonderful addition that I thoroughly enjoyed.

by Iris Morland 
Series: The Flower Shop Sisters #2
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Publication Date: July 16th 2019 by Blue Violet Press LLC
Format: eARC
Source: Author

Rating: ★★★½
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I'm a good girl—until I got drunk in Vegas and married a panties-flaming-hot Irishman.


I’ve always lived my life by the rules. Unlike my two sisters, I’m the good one. The responsible one. Going outside my comfort zone is when I wear red lipstick before five PM.

That comfort zone of mine? It’s smashed to smithereens on a wild night in Las Vegas when I met—and married—Liam Gallagher.

After one shot of tequila, then two, then too many to count, a good girl’s rules tend to disappear. And so do her panties, and her bra, and various other articles of clothing when she’s with an Irishman who knows his way around a woman’s body.

Now my husband wants us to stay married. For six months. He says it’ll be worth my while. Considering our chemistry underneath the sheets, I can’t say that he’s wrong.

Liam isn’t safe, though. Liam definitely isn’t comfortable. He’s like the male equivalent of wearing red lipstick in the daytime all wrapped up in an irresistible, dangerous package.

Yet this stubborn Irishman isn’t about to let me go, drunken Princess Bride-themed Vegas wedding or no.

Now I have to decide if I’m brave enough to break the rules for love.
As I mentioned above, this story didn't have the same touch that the first book in this standalone series had. While the first book was light, fun and hilarious, this book took a more mature approach.

Mari is a someone who always does the right thing and follows the rules to the T. When she gets drunk in Vegas and gets married to a semi-stranger, Mari doesn't know how to handle it at all. All she knows is she needs to get away from Liam because he causes her to react in a way that she likes but isn't safe.

I must be insane. I needed to get my brain examined. If I had an MRI done, they'd most likely point to a part of my brain and diagnose me with Liam Gallagher Syndrome. It's curable, but only if you run far, far away from the virus himself.

We have Liam, who's completely captivated by Mari and would love to spend more time with her. When she suggests divorce, he agrees only if they keep up the pretense for 6 months but not for selfish reasons. He has a sister who's about to get an inheritance. In order for her to receive it, Liam needs to act like hehas his life together. Divorcing isn't in the cards.

It was definitely entertaining to watch Mari break out of the shell of a life she has. She thought she knew what she wanted: get married to David, continue working in the boring job she has and have kids. But when she gets cheated on and the wedding gets cancelled, she realizes that there's more to life. That maybe she should take a little risk and be her own boss, doing what she loves.

Liam helped Mari to step out and view things differently. I have to mention Liam's accent. Okay, hear me out. 99.99% of the time when I read a book with a character that has an accent, it's so hard for me to get my head to accept the fact that the character has an accent. I never knew why. I thought it was just how my brain was wired. BUT! Iris Morland changed that for me and made me realize it was never me! She wrote Liam's character so authentic to his Irish roots with all the slangs included that it was so easy for me to switch to an accent while reading his parts. You guys have no idea how exciting that was for me. Iris, I applaud you!

Speaking of Liam, it is so noticeable how much love he has to give, especially for his sister. He'd do anything to assure she has a great future, even if it means having Mari invade his home, his privacy, with all her makeup covering the entire bathroom counterspace and having Mari making loud noises early in the morning.

The chemistry that Liam and Mari had was off the charts. The tension!! I just wanted Mari to give in. I mean, I wouldn't be able to resist this Irishman. Just one word from him and I'd be a pile of goo in his hands.

Kate's lips lifted at the corners. "Jacob isn't company. He's family. So he should get used to the fact that I like to talk about how hung romance heroes are at dinner."

Mari's entire family is hilarious. The family dynamics are back again in this second installment and I was here for it! This family is one of my absolute faves! I loved watching Dani and Jacob make an appearance in this novel! I freaking adored them a lot in the first book. And now, I'm beyond excited for Kate's book! That story will be a hoot, just like Dani's!

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