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Weekly Rewind ~ 6.1.19 | Week of Reading

Before I dive into this post, I saw an 8-minute video this week that had me wanting to share it with you. It has to do with what truly happened when HURRICANE MARIA hit Puerto Rico. I was still in the Island when it happened. The movie that Netflix aired is NOT accurate. Seeing the video brought so many memories/nightmares. And I'll be making a post of my experience.


Since Game of Thrones is over, I gotta talk about a new show and that is The Bachelorette. Guys, I think this is the first season where we have so many mature men. I'm so impressed and have way too many faves (Mike, Connor S., JED!, Peter, Tyler C.).

I meal-planned the entire week and that was great! I made some Spinach Quiche, which my husband loves, so he's been a happier man LOL

I also got some blood test done. I haven't gotten any tests done for more than 4 years... It definitely needed to happen. I get my results next week!


It's been SOOOO LONG since I've read 5 books in a week! I'm so happy!


I freaking loved Fix Her Up so much! OMG! I'm a Tessa Bailey fan! | I had to get Runaway Girl since Cristina and The Bibliotheque were both raving about it! | I did a poll on my Instagram of which ARC to read first and Storm and Fury won! I picked it up, not expecting much... I was obviously wrong because I enjoyed it so much! | I'm rather speechless after reading Desperate Measures. That was completely out of my comfort zone, yet deliciously wicked and I kept craving more!

Coldhearted Boss was..... *sighs* I officially give up on this author. It was boring. I skimmed through a lot of it because nothing was really happening. It got super repetitive and just meh.





 I saw somebody had read Another Life on Goodreads so I checked out and the reviews are amazing for this one! So I can't wait to read it! | I had forgotten Desperate Measures was coming out so I'm beyond thankful to Nick for reviewing this book, otherwise I'd have never found out! | Theirs for the Night is a freebie included in Katee Robert's newsletter sign up so I snatched it up immediately. I want to read more of this author! 




Let me know how was your week below! 


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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog last week. I'll have to not Fix Her up in my TBR. Glad you had a good week, hope your blood tests turn out ok.


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