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Monthly Rewind ~ April 2019

April was filled with so many memories! 

I really missed doing these recaps so I'm excited to be back for them! (I actually forgot about it until two to three days ago when I visited Feed Your Fiction Addiction and the link-up was there.)


This might be a tad long, yet adventurous! 
  • I came back to blogging! It's been a little over a year since I stopped blogging, not really knowing if I'd be back. And when I did, I couldn't see myself blogging at Latte Nights Reviews, even though it's been my baby since 2014. I decided to start fresh, with a new blog! 
  • I went to a nursery for the first time and I felt like I was in heaven. Lately, I've been loving plants and want to grow a small collection in my room. 
  • I went to the Tennessee Aquarium for the last time with my membership and it was bitter-sweet. I literally lost count of the amount of times I've visited that place LOL
  • It was my mom's birthday and I'm sad I couldn't be there on her day. She had a blast, though! 
  • I came back to PR for almost two months (leaving in May 23) to help out on a project. And I've been able to see my family, my best friend! 
  • In PR, I went to a sunflower field, and an urban park I haven't visited since 2015! 
  • Game of Thrones started! Woo! 
  • I hit myself with a sharp edge from a towel holder so now I have a nice bruise/dent/tear on my forehead. 
  • I went to a Classic Cars Show and it was awesome! I truly enjoyed spending the day with family and looking at these classic cars. 


Since I'm on work mode, I've barely been able to read. I hope this new month gets better.

  • No Exit ★★★
  • Savior ★★★★★
  • Lovers ★★★★
  • Vein of Love ★★★★
  • Well Suited ★★★★★



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