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Predictable yet enjoyable: Mine by Courtney Cole

 I love Courtney Cole's writing. She's been one of... Possibly 3 to 4 authors that have made me ugly cry and sob with a story so I was really looking forward to this!

by Courtney Cole
Genres: Mystery/Thriller
Publication Date:
May 28th 2019 by Gallery Books
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher via Netgalley
Rating: ★★★½
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Tessa was prepared for the hurricane. Lindsey was the storm she didn’t see coming.

When Tessa Taylor unlocked her husband Ethan’s iPad to discover nude photos from a twenty-six-year-old bombshell named Lindsey, her seemingly perfect life came to a screeching halt.

With a hurricane barreling toward Florida and Ethan stuck on a business trip, Tessa finds herself imprisoned in her own home with a choice to make: Does she ride out the storm until she can confront Ethan in person, or does she take matters into her own hands?

Increasingly restless and desperate for revenge, Tessa resolves to act. And when she lures Lindsey over a few hours later, there’s no turning back.

What ensues is a battle of wills between two well-matched opponents, blinded by love for the same man but driven by demons of their own. Like storm-ravaged Florida, neither woman will be the same when the skies clear.

I have to say, I was surprised by how the story unraveled. Part of me had a feeling it would happen how it happened, but it was still very good! Here was Tessa, loving the successful life with her own company, living the mom life with her three kids, and completely in love with her husband. She had no idea her husband was cheating on her. When she finds out, she invites Lindsey into her home, making Lindsey believe the invitation came from Ethan. All Tessa wants are answers, but she's also enraged with what's been going on so things get a little out of hand.

She’s tacky, and I’m not. She wears drugstore perfume and thinks Victoria’s Secret is fancy. She probably drives a Kia. I wear custom perfume, Louboutins, and I drive a Jaguar. I might be a decade older, but I’m fine wine and she’s Boone’s Farm. It’s something I have to keep reminding myself because her age bothers me.

I liked Tessa. She's so strong despite what's going on and she confronts Lindsey head on. Lindsey was another character that, while she's the mistress, I couldn't help but sympathize for her. Honestly, I was sympathizing for both women. I mean, Tessa has been married for over 20 years and she's completely blindsided. She thinks she's the devoted wife, but now she's questioning everything. Meanwhile, Lindsey is just a student and accountant, trying to save enough money to get a better place to live and be able to provide for her son. She's also never felt good enough so when she meets a man who makes her feel worthy, she can't help but enjoy the ride.

I don't want to say much since you should go in completely blind. I will say that the story was predictable, but it was still very enjoyable, to the point I couldn't out it down. Because the suspense wasn't really there, it made for a quick and light read on a rainy morning.

What would you do if your boyfriend/girlfriend cheated on you? Would you forgive, confront, or invite the third-party to your house to get answers?

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