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Delicious Alpha Male + Tension-Filled Romance: Savior by Fiona Cole

by Fiona Cole
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Publication Date:
March 28th 2019 by Self-Published
Format: eBook
Rating: ★★★★
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Books like this one are what I live for! Ugh, this book was pure perfection and I was loving it!

I have to admit, guys. I was not into reading this one. But then, Cristina from Cristiina Reads raved about it so I had to listen and holy shit, yes yes yes! I actually love age-gaps in romances if done well, but for some reason a teaser I read had me put off and I thought this story was different in a way I wouldn't like. Boy, was I wrong!

Alex needs money so she decides to offer up her virginity for a good amount. Erik finds her ad and immediately sets a meeting with her, but not for sex. Erik wants to save her from falling in a sex-trafficking hole.

This woman was strong and beautiful and I'd do anything to keep her whole.

I was LOVING Erik's alpha male possessiveness over Alex. My gosh, guys, I can't even put it in coherent words so I'll try. I'll even simplify: I wanted to be Alex and be taken and handled and have sex and just everything with this alpha *heart eyes*. I kept melting into a pile of goo with this man even when he would piss me off, which was a lot. Even writing this review I keep getting distracted by my thoughts of him *sighs dreamily* (Yes, his possessiveness is that good and delicious and addictive and all. I. Want!)

This story had a great set of characters! But Alex kept stealing the show... Okay, so she was second-best. Erik will take the cake and the trophy and my body *nods eagerly*... Sorry, but he's too yummy. Anywayyyy, Alex is so unbelievably strong. Man, the card life dealt her at such a young age... I felt so bad for her. But seeing her take all in stride and keep going forward had me rooting for her like a mad woman. Even though she had to mature at a really young age, she still has this innocence aura to her that I kept being drawn to. 

I was beginning to realize Alexandra didn't take shit. She called me on my rude behavior and I'd snapped.

My fave parts (besides Erik) have to be the banter and the major tug-and-pull between Alex and Erik. Man, these two just wouldn't stop and I was here for it! It made the story beyond entertaining to read. I felt like I needed popcorn just to read about these two because the tension and chemistry between them was freaking electric. I even forgot they had an age gap, which honestly, made their romance super believable.

Holding her, I felt like a giant. Like I could carry the world on my shoulder and I'd happily do it if she could feel safe again. I felt like more of a man than ever before in my life. All because this young woman had been traumatized and was still able to find solace in my arms.

If you're into delicious alpha males, a sexy and tension-filled romance full of banter, then pick up SAVIOR and prepare to drool!

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