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Waiting on Wednesday: Thriller Edition

My anticipation for this Thriller novel is real! Ever since I read Final Girls , I've been wanting more from Riley Sager. I still need to read his other book, but I'm highly anticipating this new novel of his!   Lock Every Door by Riley Sager Releases: July 2nd 2019 Goodreads No visi…

"My Reviews Aren’t Good Enough"

When I started blogging back in 2014, I remember my reviews were a little bit of a mess since I just wanted to share my love or dislike for books I’d read. As months passed and I discovered amazing book bloggers, I started losing confidence in myself and in my reviews. There are so many amazing bloggers in our …

A Fresh Start

Hey everybody! It's Genesis from Latte Nights Reviews / lattenightsbooks ! I'm back to the book blogging world! As some of you know, I took a major break from the book blog world (even from reading). But I've missed it so much! So I'm back! I won't be blogging anymore at Latte Nights Revi…