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November, You Were Stressful | Monthly Rewind

Life Happenings

🍂 I saw Frozen 2! I FREAKING LOVED IT! It is so much better than the first one! I found it to be geared towards the Adult audience. And I loved the music wasn't just a happy sing-a-long. They served to tell so much of the story. My fave song has Show Yourself. I even get chills thinking about it. I can't say anything without spoiling it so just go see the movie!

🍂 I went out with my friends on Wednesday and got home super late. Even though we got home late, we decided to start watching Descendants 3. We totally fell asleep. When we woke up the next day, we made waffles with Strawberry topping, and continued watching the movie.

🍂 My step-sister left her dog in my mom and step-dad's care. He's so adorable! We are in love with him. His name is Niklaus (after the famous Niklaus Mikaelson), but he's not like his namesake. He loves to give love and receiving it, he loves his new red ball that my mom got him, he's a fan of arms and will hang on to them for dear life.

🍂 One of my best friends got engaged! They've been together for 4 years. A few months ago, he left to US to work and she stayed in PR so she can finish her PhD. Her birthday is next week, so he came to PR to surprise her. He also threw her a surprise birthday party with her friends and family. Little did she know that he had another surprise! He proposed! He did it in such a creative way. He's a techy person so he enlisted the help of Amazon's Alexa. She told the entire love story in a very quirky and humorous way. In the end, he got down on one knee, said various things, one of them being my fave: "I can't imagine anyone else to go on this adventure with me for eternity." *cue all the tears and sobs*

Week In Reading


It was a Christmas-themed kind of week. I really enjoyed the first two. The Wild was... Interesting. This is as taboo as it gets. It was cringy. I honestly had to push away the thought that they were dad/daughter and every time it would creep in, I had to stop reading. K Webster really knows how to push the limits.

Week In Haul

eBooks (freebie)

I love quite a few of the authors featured in this book so I had to grab it!



Month In Reading

My fave reads of the month are those with a ❤️! They are also in order of my favorites.

Apparently, I managed to read 15 books this month! This was the busiest month for me so I'm beyond surprised I read this much and that they were all amazing reads! It also helped that I read 3 books in one day! Those reads were Man Cuffed, The Cruel Prince and Marriage on Madison Avenue.

  • The Bromance Book Club  ★★★★★ ❤️ (Top 3 Fave of 2019)
  • Man Cuffed  ★★★★ ❤️
  • Marriage on Madison Avenue  ★★★★
  • Ash Princess (audio)  ★★★★
  • Twisted Marriage  ★★★★
  • Insatiable  ★★★★
  • The King Maker  ★★★★ 
  • Vampire Academy  ★★★★
  • What If It's Us (audio)  ★★★★
  • Sick Kids in Love (audio)  ★★★★
  • The Rebel King  ★★★½
  • The Cruel Prince  ★★★½
  • An Alaskan Christmas  ★★★
  • Cowboy Christmas Redemption  ★★★
  • The Wild  (No rating because I have no idea what to rate it.)

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Let me know how was your week and month below! 

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