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PR License + Fro-Yo | Weekly Rewind 9.8.19

Life Happenings

🌻 I spent Sunday with my grandma and mom... I love my grandma but she can be super difficult. My mom was sick but she had told my grandma we were going to take her out for breakfast. Turns out she ate, but said she could eat something more. We take her to a restaurant where she tells us she won't eat anything and just wanted to go home... To say my mom and I were mad is an understatement!

🌻 I spent Labor Day at my house, correcting exams and making my weekly plan for the students. I went to my aunt's to stay the night and took my cousin out for some Fro-Yo (I got a fruit frappe). We rarely spend time alone or rarely go out just us since there's an 8-year difference between us, but we were both so happy we got to be just us girls for one night.

🌻 My husband arrived!!! I took the day off work for his arrival and also to get my Puerto Rican license since I'll be staying here now. Unfortunately, the PR government's offices are to die there. Literally. My mother-in-law got to the office a little earlier than 5 AM and she made number 12!!! Something I miss from the US is how fast things get done.

🌻 I'm completely devastated over Bahamas. I tried to stay away from the news as much as I could. It brought too many memories that I just didn't want to think about. I think all of Puerto Rico empathized with the Bahamas because we went through something similar. I say similar because Hurricane Dorian was way worse than Hurricane Maria. Puerto Rico already is sending so much help over there. Even Chef Jose Andres (Puerto Rican) is sending tons of food and supplies via helicopter and his own ships with helipads so they can land and provide these necessities to the people.

🌻 I went house-searching. I found one I really liked, but it was already rented 🙁 But I do believe I got saved there because it's right across an evangelical church. Nothing against them but they love to have the music way too loud to even be legal, especially at odd hours of the night.

🌻 There was an earthquake in Puerto Rico of 4.3 and it happened a few miles from the city where my mom lives. Thankfully, nothing happened but it was scary and the whole island felt it. I really hope nothing happens but people keep saying PR is due for a major earthquake 😭

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I can't believe I waited so long to read this! I ship Brenna and Jake so freaking hard!! 😍

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