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Gen's Recs: Enemies-to-Lovers

Hello, new feature!!! I've had this idea for months now. I even had the books written down on my phone so I wouldn't forget, while also, keep adding to the lists. But my life has been so chaotic with lots of changes that I haven't had time to just sit down and breathe. Finally, opportunity came so here I am typing this up! Nick from The Infinite Limits of Love beat me to it in posting her recs LOL. But I actually like that she posted hers because now, I can direct you guys to her recs! She reads way more books than me and her recommendations are ones I trust blindly so go check out her first post!

Anyway, as some of you know, I have many tropes but one of my absolute favorites has to be Enemies-to-Lovers!!!! I love the hate, the angst, the angry sex, just everything about it! So I decided to start us off with this amazing trope!

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🌻 Under the Lies: Check the fine print before agreeing to help the devil. Noah has been Sayer's tormentor, but now he needs her. This book... The hate and the angst were unbelievably intense!!

🌻 Enemies with Benefits: Ever since kindergarten, our two MC's had to be better than the other at everything. Now they're co-workers and a money-filled prize is at stake! I loved all the hate-filled hilarious banter going on here!

🌻 I Hate You: A 3-week fling ended disastrously when the male dumps the female at a party in front of all of her friends. It's safe to say that she won't forgive so easily. This falls on the milder area of enemies-to-lovers but the hate-to-love transition had my heart thumping like crazy!

🌻 Breakdown: Two broken souls who were longing for more than they were ready for. And now, they need each other but neither will make it easy. Man, this book. It's one of my 2019 faves. It's different, it's raw, filled with so much hate and passion!

Known but Deserve More Recognition


🌻 Two Weeks' Notice: An assistant who sends in her two weeks' notice, a ruthless boss who rejects it with a smirk, and later on has an emergency proposition. This has to be my favorite office romance in the world!!! The hate is real!!! Gahh! I was loving every aspect of it! I'm in need of a re-read. If you guys have read this one and have similar recs, PLEASE GIVE THEM TO ME!!!!

🌻 Hate Notes: A woman who tries on a wedding dress only to find a sewn blue note with the most romantic quote. Unfortunately, her dream man crashes and burns when she realizes he's her arrogant boss. This is a snarky and funny office romance that will melt hearts!

All the Hype


🌻 Top Secret: An enemies-to-lovers M/M!!! YAAAS! A couple who wants to try something different. A male who's willing to participate. Text to plan the moment begin, only for the two males to start flirting and taking things to the next level. Ugh, this book was everything I didn't know I needed. I loved the flirty text convos as well as their chemistry face-to-face!

🌻 Fight or Flight: When her first class seat is stolen from her, she is livid and mad at the handsome fellow. The forces of the world brings back together and they decide to explore their physical attraction. This was hilarious right from the start! These two MC's were killing it in the hate-banter department.

🌻 Paper Princess: A girl who has lost everything. A family friend who's willing to adopt her. Unfortunately, his sons want nothing to do with this girl and will make sure her life is a living hell. I mean, I had to include this one. PP is my fave book of the series. It was so much fun to read and the hate between the Royals and Ella was just so good, especially between Ella and Reed!!!

What are some (or all) of your favorite enemies-to-lovers? Give me all the recs!

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