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Underrated Authors + Books | Top Ten Tuesday

I've been wanting to do this post for a while now! I have so many fave authors and some of them are completely underrated and deserve all the recognition! I did another post where I featured some of my auto-buy authors so if you see a familiar book in this post, it's possible it comes from one of those auto-buy authors! (I feel like I'm rambling here...) 

Annnyyywaaayyys, these authors below deserve all the recognition in the world! Their writing is so beyond good! Some of my fave books are by these authors below so please check them out!

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Ella Maise

I had read The Hardest Fall last year and totally loved how good this sports-romance was! But it wasn't until Marriage for One that I completely fell hard for Ella's writing. This novel became my fave of 2019! It's so beyond amazing, you guys! It made me feel all of the emotions! I want a Jack in my life!

Holly Renee

The Good Girls series was a series that came out of nowhere and I was glad I paid attention to it! I've re-read this series twice already and I know I'll be diving back into this world again. It's so so good!

Where Good Girls Go to DieWhere Bad Boys Are Ruined

Nicole Jacquelyn


If you want to read a series that will have you laughing, will break your heart at the same time, and include a fantastic family, I will always recommend Fostering Love series. From the start, this series has had a special place in my heart. This entire series deals with adoption, loss, love, family. It's a series that I NEED everyone to read! This is another series that I'm always re-reading! Apparently, I'm a masochist because I keep getting my heart broken every single time. Thankfully, it mends my heart by the end of each novel. 

Aly Zigada

Breakdown stole my breath, you guys! Aly Zigada may be a new author, but her writing is freaking fantastic! Her writing snuck up on me, hooked me, reeled me and I was a goner! I highly recommend Breakdown!

Micalea Smeltzer

Micalea has proven time and time again how great of an author she is. She can write books that are completely hilarious, while also write books that will break your heart. I always enjoy her novels and her characters so much! She's also the first author I read in which with one specific couple, there's not a climax in the story where the couple has to separate to have that added effect like 99.99% of romance authors do. She did a twist of her own and I enjoyed it so much!
Also, her series are always stand-alone!

Bring Me Back 
Light in the Dark series: Rae of Sunshine | When Stars Collide | Dark Hearts 
Willo Creek series: Last to Know | Never Too Late | In Your Heart | Take A Chance


Other books that deserve so much recognition!

The Animal Under the Fur | Under the LiesPetal Plucker | Before We Fall | Hello? (YA) | Before You (YA)

Have you read anything by these authors?

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