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New Fave Book + Bike Ride | Weekly Rewind 7.20.19


I don't know if you guys have heard, but things are chaotic in Puerto Rico. A chat with over 889 pages from the governor and his officials came to light, in which he's mocking the 4,464 deaths from Hurricane Maria, where he stole millions of dollars that were sent from United States to help rebuild PR after the hurricane, where he degrades women and calls them whores and sluts, where the director of the Department of Education stole millions of dollars from the department instead of using that money to re-open the 438 schools closed. And there's much more that was said. Everyone wants the governor to quit, but he keeps saying he'll gain the people's trust *insert eye roll*.

But Puerto Ricans are resilient. We don't give up. We unite and band up together to confront this corruption. Even while the people are protesting, others bring in pots filled with arroz con pollo (rice and chicken) to hand out to the people doing the protest. It fills me with pride to see my island not giving up, and rebuilding what was destroyed by the government.
Get informed, please. And if you can, share an image on Instagram with a black background and white letters that say "Ricky Renuncia" (Quit, Ricky), telling the governor to quit, and tag him @ricardorosello and use the hashtags #RickyRenuncia #RickyRenunciaYa

Life Happenings

As you guys know, it was my birthday last Saturday. On Sunday, my husband and I celebrated by going to the park to ride bicycles. We rode for 4 miles! That's a lot for me 😂 It was so nice, though! We ended up stumbling across a market where I found a homemade lotion that I'm obsessed with! 😍

That same Sunday, we went to Mellow Mushroom to eat pizza and we brought our own desserts (orange pound cake from Clark's Bakery 😋). After that, we went to McKay's and got some movies for very cheap! I love McKay's so much!

During the week, we had a seminar. This one has been very relaxed. I only had to help in one Hydrotherapy class and lead out on a cooking class so it wasn't bad at all.

On Friday, we went to the lake and it was so much fun! We got a paddle board that only allows up to 130 lbs. So we had more than 4 people trying to get on it. Let me tell you, we barely stayed on the board 😂

Week In Reading

Breakdown was everything I never knew I needed and more. It stole my breath away while at the same time, giving me life. This is a MUST-READ! (Review) And it's a new fave!!! 😍 It took over me in such a way I did not want to read anything else. All week, I've been thinking about this book. I've tried picking up other books but this book has become like a part of me. 

Week In Haul


I got Piece of My Heart! I love this series so much! We now have Alex's story and I'm so happy! He deserves a happy ending.

Thanks to the publishers, authors and publicists for these copies!


Say Yes is completely new to me by Elle Kennedy. I love her so I had to get this freebie. 
I loved Dating Games so much that I needed Wicked Games!

Week In Posts



Let me know how was your week below! 

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