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13 Books That Deserve All Your Attention

2019 has been the year of AMAZING reads for me! And I thought I'd share my absolute faves of the year so far with you!

I read quite a few books this year from new-to-me authors and I was pleasantly surprised by all of them! Some of the books in this post may seem familiar and it's because I've already written reviews for them :)


I'm a MAJOR fan of enemies-to-lovers romances! FIGHT OR FLIGHT was full of hate and hilarious moments that had me laughing out loud! And the male MC is Scottish. Need I say more?
TOP SECRET is an M/M New Adult Enemies-to-Lovers romance that's so freaking hot yet full of emotions and depth. I used to not be a fan of M/M but I think I'm officially converted LOL.
UNDER THE LIES surprised me! I've known Sarah since before she was an author. I have to say, her first book was okay, so I had no idea if I would like UTL but holy sh*t, that book was full of angst and hate and alpha male and ugh! Yes! So good! It was so thrilling! And I loved the secondary characters, especially Thea!

Fake-Relationship / Marriage of Convenience

DATING GAMES was so much fun! It includes a couple of 30 years old (I believe the male is older). It was so refreshing to read about a couple that's older and the adventures they went through! This is also one of those person-isn't-who-he-says-he-is. It was great!
MARRIAGE FOR ONE is my absolute FAVE of 2019! I loved it so much! This book is a delicious slow-burn with a fake relationship AND marriage of convenience! Jack had my heart from the very beginning! (RTC next week)
WORK IN PROGRESS is another mix of fake relationship and marriage of convenience. This book is so adorable and cute! You'll be grinning throughout the entire novel. Amelia is so quirky and awkward and adorable! And Tommy is so dreamy with how he treats Amelia.


PASSION ON PARK AVENUE shined bright with the friendship! The 3 ladies meet at the funeral of the man they've all been dating and become friends immediately! I was here for it!! And also for the intimate romance that I adored so much!

Childhood Friends / Age-Gap

PETAL PLUCKER also features a quirky/awkward character that I couldn't help but love! She's so outspoken and her friendship/relationship with the male MC (forgot his name *face-palm*) is adorable!
SAVIOR was all kinds of awesome. This features an alpha male who's sweet and caring and ugh! I freaking loved him!


This is the first book I read by Tessa Bailey and I have no idea why! I freaking loved this book so much! This is my second fave of 2019! Travis was... Wow! I'm not a fan of dirty-talkers, but Tessa has converted me big time! (RTC)

 Hot Hot Hot!

I absolutely loved this book way too much and for personal reasons. I identified so much with Max and Sarah and the adventures they went on. If you read the book, then you know what I'm talking about LOL. Those scenes were so hot!

New Adult's Befriending and then Lovers

THE PERFECT FIRST is so awkward and lovely! I love all of the first's that were done in this novel, and I even added some to my list of first's! This book had me wanting to go back to college, honestly.
THE FAILING HOURS is so full of depth and heart-warming moments. I fell hard for Zeke in this novel. And my heart broke for him on so many occasions! Violet was just the perfect girl for Zeke and I loved their relationship so much!



There you have it! I hope some of these catch your attention! 
Let me know in the comments below what are some of your fave reads of 2019 that I NEED to check out!

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