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Such a Tender and Loveable Romance: Well Suited by Staci Hart

by Staci Hart
Series: Red Lipstick Coalition #4
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Publication Date:
May 2nd 2019 by Self-Published
Format: eARC
Source: Publicist
Rating: ★★★★½
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What a wonderful conclusion to this stand-alone series! I laughed, I cried, my heart broke in two... I was feeling it all!

Katherine understands logic and facts. That's all she really believes in. One night, she meets her match in Theodore "Theo" Bane. They have a wonderful night swing dancing and end up tangled in the sheets. It is later that Katherine finds out that she's pregnant. Katherine doesn't like changes. She likes to plan, and this is completely out of plan. Thankfully, Theo is there to help her through it all, not only for her and the baby, but to show her he's interested in more than just co-parenting.

I wonder how sharing space with him would end, knowing I had no control over my brain's traitorous chemicals beyond keeping a safe distance. If I couldn't smell him, I wouldn't want him. It seemed fairly simple. I wondered if some essential oil might help, something potent. Like menthol or maybe something stronger. Like gasoline.

Man, being inside Katherine's head was really interesting. She's very strict, serious, and set in her ways. In the previous books, I was really curious about her and this book shows exactly why she's needed to be this way. Because of certain things in her life, she also doesn't believe in love. It was wonderful to see Katherine's character development in this novel. I was completely hooked on her thoughts and the way she thinks, especially her candor. In many ways, she really did meet her match in Theo, but in others, Theo taught her to break out of her shell and to be flexible when things didn't go according to plan.

"I want to believe the way I feel isn't one-sided. When I touch her, I know it's not. But she's not ready. So, I'll be patient and hope she either learns to trust me or can't fight it anymore. And if not... Well, I suppose there are worse things than wanting a woman who doesn't want you back."

Theo is a complete gentleman! He's completely enamored by Katherine from the get-go and even though he truly wants to be with her, he gives her the space she needs while also helping her with the pregnancy. His patience, waiting for Katherine, had my heart breaking. I wanted him to be happy! It's impossible to not get attached to Theo and Katherine realizes just how much she loves spending time with him. He's the first person to ever get how she thinks and understand what she needs.

 I loved Katherine with a fierceness I'd never known. There had been no moment to pinpoint, no lightning bolt of realization. It had grown like ivy--in slow tendrils and unfurling leaves, day by day, hour by hour. It had been happening since the first time I laid eyes on her, in every minute spent with her, in every breath and heartbeat between us. I loved her. And God, how I wanted to keep her.

Honestly, Theo had me falling hard for him. He's the definition of a tender gentleman. He's going down as one of my book boyfriends for sure! The way he gives of himself so much, the way he's so selfless and always puts others before himself, the way he treats his mom and Katherine, with such tender and loving care. He will surely melt your heart.

I loved how this story felt so real and authentic in many ways. That's how Staci's writing has been with this whole series, but especially with this last book. It's so sad to say goodbye to such an amazing cast of characters with so many different personalities that I was totally loving and adoring and getting attached to. I'll definitely miss them.

If you're into stand-alone series, I highly recommend this one! It is so much fun to read, with a lot of quirky conversations, an amazing romance, and great friendships!

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