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Let's Chat: How Do You Rate?

Recently, a lot of people on Instagram have been sharing how they rate books and I want to share how I do it, and would love to learn how you guys do it, too!

❃ 5 STARS ❃

 For me, 5 stars is basically perfection! I use this rating when I couldn't find fault in a book and it's a story that will be super memorable and will stay with me for life! This is for books that I loved from beginning to end, without a doubt. Lately, I try to keep my 5 stars very selective. Only a few make it to this level of perfection. These are the books I want to throw at everybody so they can join me in my obsession and addiction over them!

❃ 4.5 STARS ❃

This is super close to being perfect, but there was probably one minor thing that prevented me from loving it to the ultimate max. This is also for those books that I truly loved, but I wouldn't add them to my "elite" shelf of perfection. I would highly recommend!

❃ 4 STARS ❃

For books that are totally awesome and great, but don't have that perfection that has me head-over-heels. This will be a book that I will be completely excited about and would still recommend and love a lot, just not enough to count it towards my elite group. And it's a possibility that something was missing.

❃ 3.5 STARS ❃

Those type of books that are enjoyable and entertaining. I probably got bored with a few scenes or some characters rubbed me the wrong way, but it's still a good read and I would recommend, just not recommend too much.

❃ 3 STARS ❃

This is where it gets interesting. It's those books that I like, but there's nothing memorable and it was probably boring, but still kinda good and the story-line was entertaining enough to keep me going forward. Probably a lot missing for me to completely like it.

❃ 2 STARS ❃

I think I rarely rate 2.5 stars so I'm jumping directly to 2. Now, this rating is for books that just were bleh. It had some good aspects to the story, maybe a character or two that I liked, but that's it. I wouldn't recommend at all.

❃ 1 STAR ❃

I consider this rating for those books that I should have DNF'd but I kept giving them the benefit of the doubt, hoping they would at least get good enough to rate at least 3 stars. Unfortunately, they fail big time, and I should have just gone with my gut and DNF'd that baby.

❃ DNF ❃

I don't really write reviews for this rating, unless it's a book that just really got me mad or something really controversial happens and I need to speak out. It's super rare and only happens like 1%. I'll be having a discussion soon on DNF'ing.

How's your rating method? Do you use half stars (i.e. 4.5)?

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