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Let's Chat: The Art of DNF'ing

Around a week or two ago, I shared how I rated the books I read. And some of you asked me about DNF'ing, so here I am!

To Read or Not To Read:

For those of you who don't know, DNF is the acronym for did not finish. I used to never DNF a book. I just couldn't do it. I felt like it was my obligation to keep reading even when I was so done with the book. Part of me just hoped the story would get better, somehow redeem itself enough to at least rate it 2.5 to 3 stars. But alas, have I learned that it doesn't always happen that way.

It was thanks to many book bloggers that I found out it's okay to DNF a book and not feel guilty about it.

Reviewing a Book You DNF:

I'll be honest. I used to write complete reviews for books I DNF. I don't even know why, though. I mean, I'm not helping the author in any way, someone's job and passion. So, I decided it's probably best to write a really short review. In the end, readers will read what they want to read and who am I to tell them, "Do not read this book at all"? I'm not the authority here, none of us are. I prefer to recommend books I truly enjoy. And as I'm writing this post, I've decided to not write reviews on this blog for books I rate 2.5 or less in a complete post. I think I'll stick to writing them if I'm reviewing another book with a higher rating or something like that in the same post. I hope that made sense.

Rating a Book You DNF:

I think I actually did this for one or two novels back in the day. And then I realized, "Why should I be rating something I never even finished?" On Goodreads, I created a shelf for my DNF's so that way I can shelf them and know what to steer clear from. I'm one of those that sometimes forgets if I've read something. I didn't think I was that type of person but I am and that's a discussion post for another day :) As I was saying, personally, I don't rate books I DNF. I don't think it's fair to the author's hard work for me to do that if I haven't even read half of it.

At What Mark/Point Do You Think It's Okay to DNF?

By this I mean, how far along a book do you think you can say, "I'm not finishing this novel"? Some people say the 20% mark is a good one. Personally, I don't really have a mark. I guess I just read until wherever I feel like I can't go anymore. I call it quits when I can't take it and don't want to keep wasting my time on a book I won't enjoy. What do you think? Is there a mark/point we should all get to before DNF'ing a novel?

What Other Bloggers/Bookstagrammers Think About DNF: 

SO. I DNF very, very rarely. So when I do, I feel like it's worth mentioning? So I do review them. In fact, it seems like often they are books FOR review so I feel a bit like I have to, regardless. I rate it just as "DNF" with no actual Goodreads rating or anything. Now, I think it is "okay" for people to DNF whenever, but personally, I force myself to get to 10-15%. Usually, I try even longer because apparently I hate giving up 😂 The average for me (and mind you, this is out of only SEVEN DNFs ever) is around 30%. There was one book that was so mind-bogglingly awful that I called it quits at around 12% because I KNEW it was not going to happen. And some, I was so desperate to NOT hate that I gave them over 50% but was so bored out of my skull that I had to either DNF or throw the book out the window, so I chose the former.

I generally don't "rate" a book I DNF. I feel with the way I rate, I don't have enough to "grade" or "rate" it on. As for reviews, I do write up a short sentence or two on WHY I DNF. For my own records, as much as to share with anyone else. I may also add these to a round up post on my blog, but never individually.
I wouldn't say there is a point where it's OKAY or NOT OKAY to DNF - if you don't like it, or it's triggering, then stop. I do feel that if you are going to give constructive criticism on it, you need to at least have read more than a few pages!

Omg I struggled with DNF at first but then I'm YOLO. I'm only going to read books I really feel like finishing 🤷🏻 If it's not an ARC and I DNF - I don't rate it or review it, I rate it in my head and let the people who ask me about the book know my opinion 😂😂 If it's an ARC and I DNF, I usually let the PR Team know beforehand and they usually say they don't prefer me to put it on GR and that's the 🍵

That topic, I have brought up so many times that I feel like it's a religion I follow-- I DNF books for sure. Maybe like two or three a year? So not that many. They really have to hit that spot of annoyance for me to DNF them. 
I don't RATE said novels if I am DNF-ing them out of respect to the author and the book community. As of lately I have been seeing a lot people DNF and rating novels together. How and why would you do that? You didn't finish the novel, therefore you should not rate it. Show some respect. Writing a book is not as easy as it looks like, it's much harder. 
At what point is it okay to DNF? At the point that you cannot take enough. The majority of the time I DNF novels around 60% or more. I like to give the book a try and after halfway through, if it does not hit that of loving it, then I am out. I don't want my time wasted if it's not the ideal book for me.

And there you have it, folks! Now the mic is given to you. What are your thoughts on DNF'ing? Feel free to answer these same questions down below!

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