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Lust-Filled Adventure | The Lovers: Cards of Love by Fiona Cole

by Fiona Cole
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Publication Date:
October 22nd 2018 by Self-Published
Format: eBook
Rating: ★★★★
Goodreads | Amazon

Lovers features three main characters that will totally break your heart while at the same time, take you on a delicious, lust-filled adventure.
Jackson and Jake were the best of friends in college, until a game of truth or dare sent Jake running away. Years later, Jake is engaged to Carina, and Jackson is opening a new club. Jackson and Jake encounter each other after so many years in a meeting, where Jake and Carina are going to help Jackson with his club. Carina and Jake visit Voyeur, a private club where you can basically watch live porn and Jackson performs there from time to time. After watching him perform, Carina suggests that she would like to try out something with Jackson and Jake. It is then that the adventure begins.

I loved the tender touch of a woman when I ate her out, but there was something about a man’s rough grip that took what he wanted and was almost angry with his movements that had my balls tingling with the need to come. It sparked my caveman instincts to fight back and win.

Lately, I’ve been into reading something that pushes me out of my comfort zone and this story did just that! Honestly, I thought I would hate Carina. I mean, here she is coming in between my two babies. But man, Carina stole the show a lot of times. She’s such a put-together, powerful, prowess of a woman that I can’t help but admire and love. She’s been with Jake for a while now and she started to notice how her relationship lacked something. Sure, the lust and sexual desire was there, but aside from that, it still felt more like a friendship. You can tell just how much she truly loves Jake, which had my heart torn for her.

As soon as his tongue touched mine, I immediately thawed, ready to take action. I wasn’t the type of man who followed the leader. I took charge.

Jackson and Jake, holy moly! There were times where I had to stop reading and gulp down some water because their scenes were so damn hot! And I was loving every second of it! I was so happy for Jackson, to finally be able to be with Jake, even if he was sharing him. I just wanted him to be happy! This man deserves it! I’ve read some M/M books, but I must admit, this has to be my favorite one! There’s just something about Jackson and Jake, their individuality and when they’re together, that has me swooning, but at the same time, my heart melts for them

I honestly recommend this book so much! There are so many elements to it that I loved and I think others will as well. It’s not just a sexual story, but exploring one’s limits, exploring how to admit who you are to yourself and those around you, two different sets of friendships so tight that will go to any lengths for them. If you’re into all of that depth, plus the lightness that the adventure they embark on brings to the story, you will totally love Lovers!

What's a book that has taken you out of your comfort zone? Do you like M/M romances? Leave some recs below!

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